217. Redefining Rich with Shannon Hayes

We haven’t spent much energy discussing money on POTC, yet richness in all its forms is a dominant force in our modern well-being. Not surprisingly, richness serves many functions. At its best, wealth-growing can be incredibly rewarding and lend itself to an enriched quality of life. But there’s another side to wealth. Striving for richness can hook you into an unsustainable cycle of overwork, unfulfilled desire, stagnation, and even persistent unhappiness. Shannon Hayes, Ph.D., author of Redefining Rich, is a sustainable farmer, entrepreneur, cafe owner, and the Chef and CEO of Sap Bush Hollow Farm, LLC. She has spent her career researching (and growing her own) sustainable wealth. In this episode of POTC, Shannon and Yael discuss the importance of balancing your practical and psychological desires and relationship with wealth. Listen in today to learn how to redefine rich for yourself.

Listen and Learn:

  • Yael and Diana dig into the research behind dimensions of psychological wealth and predictors of happiness
  • How the work of Alex Pang impacted Shannon’s philosophical stance
  • Flexible ways to approach wealth in order to foster sustainability both personally and globally
  • Shannon explains Money Paradox and why it’s integral in redefining richness for yourself
  • Yael’s expert application of ACT to getting “unhooked” from unhelpful, traditional views of wealth
  • The strategic balance of meeting both your practical and psychological needs that leads to a deeply enriched life
  • How Shannon uses napping, rest, and boundaries to enrich her quality of life and grow sustainable wealth
  • Practical advice for saying “no” (even when feelings of guilt show up!)
  • The role of diversification in defining and redefining wealth and in supporting ongoing richness throughout your life


About Shannon Hayes:

Shannon Hayes is a sustainable farmer, entrepreneur, cafe owner, and the Chef and CEO of Sap Bush Hollow Farm, LLC. She holds a Ph.D. in sustainable agriculture and community development from Cornell University and a bachelor’s in creative writing from Binghamton University. Shannon is the host of The Heart of Sap Bush Hollow podcast and the author of several books. Her work is frequently used in college classrooms and has been featured on national television as well as in the New York Times, New York Times Magazine, Brain, Child magazine, U.S. News and World Report, the Atlantic, National Public Radio, Grit magazine, YES! magazine, Elle magazine, JUNO magazine, and many national newspapers across the globe. Shannon also speaks nationally, teaching about sustainable business and inspiring rural and urban families alike to live creative lives in harmony with community and planet. Learn more about Shannon by visiting her website,, and make sure to buy her latest book, Redefining Rich

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Episode 217