196. The Neuroscience of Marketing with Matt Johnson and Prince Ghuman

Today’s world is more digitally-based than ever before, and in this digital world, brands are constantly marketing their products to you. This constant, often covert marketing can negatively impact vulnerable consumers. In fact, this has become such a problem that in recent years the Federal Trade Commission has cracked down on influencers and celebrities disclosing their relationship with brands. Now more than ever it is important that we as both consumers and marketers be conscientious and knowledgeable of our marketing practices. In this episode of Psychologists Off the Clock, Matt Johnson and Prince Ghuman, founders of Pop Neuro and authors of Blindsight, talk with Diana about the neuroscience of marketing. Take a break from scrolling, and join us in this episode to learn more about the neuroscience of marketing and how it impacts you, today!

Listen and Learn:

  • Diana and Jill’s take on neuromarketing and how psychology influences our lives through media
  • The history behind Matt and Prince’s collaboration 
  • Why Matt and Prince chose to combine their knowledge of neuroscience and marketing and how they did it
  • What a mental model is (and how marketing capitalizes on them!)
  • Practical advice for making your marketing more memorable 
  • A sneak peak inside Matt and Prince’s book
  • How Matt and Prince used principles from neuroscience in the creation of their book and why those principles keep you interested in reading it
  • Life hacks on why some products more or less addictive
  • Why Matt and Prince are passionate about educating consumers on marketing practices and how they put that passion into practice in their book
  • How and why branding is impactful
  • What in marketing makes us like some things more than other things
  • The positive (and negative) ways we communicate through marketing
  • What neural coupling is and how it affects you 
  • The future of marketing, where it’s going, and where it is right now
  • Expert-approved skills and strategies that Matt and Prince use as both consumers and marketers for their ‘digital well-being’


About Pop Nuero, Matt, and Prince:

Pop Neuro reveals the deeper, neuroscientific, and psychological blueprint behind consumer behavior and neuromarketing. Based on 25+ years of combined experience, it’s the brainchild of consumer neuroscientist Matt Johnson, PhD, and neuromarketer Prince Ghuman.

Matt Johnson, PhD is a professor at Hult International Business School, where his research focuses on the application of neuroscience and psychology to marketing. He received his BA from UC San Diego, and his PhD in Cognitive Psychology from Princeton University. A contributor to major news outlets including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and VICE and writer for Psychology Today, he regularly provides expert opinion and thought leadership on a range of topics related to the human side of business. He advises both start-ups and large brands in his native Bay Area, and has served as an expert-in-residence to Nike’s Innovation Team in Portland, Oregon. Along with co-author Prince Ghuman, Johnson founded for anyone interested in approachable consumer psychology. Follow Matt on Twitter (@MattJohnsonIsMe) or LinkedIn!   

Prince Ghuman’s journey into marketing started during his studies at the University of California at San Diego. His first startup, Potenza, was the first of its kind, a brand of caffeinated water. He went on to be the founding head of marketing at BAP, one of the first digital automotive platforms and current leader in the automotive e-commerce space. Most recently, he held dual roles as the US Director of Consumer Marketing and the Global Director of B2B Marketing for OFX. He was named one of the Shakers and Movers by the San Francisco Chronicle in 2015, and he is currently the professor of marketing, entrepreneurship, and communications at Hult International Business School. Along with co-author Matt Johnson, Ghuman founded for anyone interested in approachable consumer psychology. Follow Prince on Twitter (@PrinceGhuman248) or LinkedIn!

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Episode 196