Praxis Continuing Education

Save $25 on live online courses – Promo Code: OFFTHECLOCK! Transform your practice and your life with the latest in psychological theory and application. Praxis offers in person workshops and online programming in the most cutting edge psychological interventions including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Compassion Focused Therapy. Learn more about Praxis continuing education programming at

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Check out these fantastic new offers from Dr. Rick Hanson!

  • Life After COVID Free Summit – May 21-23. This is a 3-day, FREE online event sponsored by the Greater Good Science Center, with Rick and Forrest Hanson hosting, and featuring 10 world-class experts. They’ll be focusing on life after COVD: how to recover from the last year’s wounds, embrace new ways of being, and work towards a brighter future.
  • Neurodharma Online Program – This is an 8-week online course that will begin May 29, and includes 4 live sessions with Rick.
  • Six-Week Positive Neuroplasticity Training – 6 live-streamed Q&As, brain-savvy techniques, and powerful practices. Use Coupon Code OFFTHECLOCK50 to get an extra $50 off the current discount!
  • 8-week Neurodharma Program –  Experience and develop seven qualities at the heart of the highest happiness – and live from them more deeply and continuously. Lifetime access, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, and Mental health professionals can earn 15 CE credits SAVE $40: Promo Code: OFFTHECLOCK40
  • Year-long Foundations of Well-being Program – Weekly content with new ways to be happier, more confident, and more calm – throughout the entire year. Lifetime access, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, and Mental health professionals can earn 20 CE credits. SAVE $40: Promo Code: OFFTHECLOCK40
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Dr. Jud Brewer

App-based Behavior Change Programs: Unwinding Anxiety®, Eat Right Now®, and To Quit® Step-by-step guidance and support to help you make lasting change… without willpower. Step-by-step guidance: Video lessons & exercises specifically designed for you. Weekly Calls with Dr. Jud: Address your specific challenges on live video calls. Expert-moderated Community: Receive support, guidance and inspiration in a safe place. REGISTER NOW AND SAVE 20%! Use code OFFTHECLOCK to get 20% off programs for anxiety, over-eating, or smoking cessation.

Mindful Parenting

Have you ever scared your child because you yelled? Yelling hurts our relationships and it makes kids less likely to cooperate, but many of us don’t know how not to. When we have a child in the middle of a meltdown, how are we supposed to get them to listen? Yelling doesn’t work. It just leaves us feeling guilty and helpless. So we are thrilled to share with you a free resource from Hunter Clarke-Fields, Mindful Mama Mentor: She created this quick 5 minute video training that will teach you how to stop yelling in just 10 seconds! PLUS, she shares the roadmap that has proven to work for thousands of other moms. Inside you’ll find:
✨ 6 SIMPLE steps for being a calmer parent
✨ 5-minute video training on how to stop yelling in just 10 seconds
✨ Mindful parenting tips sent to your inbox each week
Grab it here

Your Parenting Mojo

FREE Setting Limits Workshop. Join Your Parenting Mojo for a free workshop focused on effective limit setting, learning to discern the difference between limits and boundaries, and how you can move beyond setting limits to engage your children’s intrinsic desire to cooperate and collaborate!

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