264. Raising Intuitive Eaters with Sumner Brooks and Amee Severson

Many of us grew up being told we must be members of “the clean plate club” or that we shouldn’t waste food because there are starving children in other countries. The diet industry rakes in billions, profiting off messages around striving for an unattainable “thin ideal.” All of this contributes to the development of unhealty relationships with food and our bodies. As parents, we are at risk of passing along unhealthy messages and patterns. In this episode, Jill interviews Sumner Brooks and Amee Severson about how we can break these patterns and raise children outside the toxic diet mentality so they have healthier relationships with food and their bodies. 

Listen and Learn:

  • What is meant by “intuitive eating.”
  • What is diet culture and why is it problematic
  • The inaccuracy of data around obesity and morbidity/mortality
  • The three keys to raising an intuitive eater
  • Why it’s important to talk about bodies
  • The power of modeling healthy attitudes and behaviors toward food and bodies
  •  The difficulty and importance of letting go of over-control
  • How Acceptance and Commitment Therapy can help


About Sumner Brooks and Amee Severson

Sumner Brooks is a mom and licensed registered dietitian nutritionist (LD, RDN) based in Oregon who has spent over 13 years working in the field of nutrition and eating disorders. Her experience includes providing nutrition therapy for adolescents and adults, public speaking and pursuing advanced training in trauma-informed, weight-inclusive healthcare. She is also the founder of the online training platform Eating Disorder Registered Dietitians and Professionals (EDRD Pro).

Amee Severson a Registered Dietitian (RD) in the Washington State (CD) with a private practice outside of Seattle, Washington. Amee specializes in eating disorder recovery, healing and preserving food-body relationships, and focuses on gender-inclusive and LGBTQ+ affirming care. She is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, and a Certified Body Trust Provider.

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Episode 264