321. Imposter No More with Jill Stoddard

Have you ever experienced the unsettling feeling of not being good enough despite all of your achievements? Do you fear being exposed as a fraud in your professional life? Prepare to be enlightened as we discuss the uncomfortable reality of imposterism with our extraordinary cohost, seasoned psychologist, and eminent author, Dr. Jill Stoddard

Jill has dedicated her professional career to helping people reach their full potential, a quest she is celebrating with the release of her latest book, Imposter No More. With her profound understanding of imposterism and her own journey to overcome self-doubt, Jill joins us for a candid conversation about defeating your inner imposter.

Diving deep into the phenomenon of imposterism, Jill shares her own stories of overcoming imposter thoughts, explores its evolutionary roots and its prevalence across genders, and underscores the importance of cultivating psychological flexibility. She also guides us through practical exercises to set ourselves free from the cycles of experiential avoidance. Tune in to learn how to conquer your own imposter thoughts and take courageous steps toward your fears and insecurities to lead a more fulfilling life! 

Listen and Learn: 

  • Jill’s own story of imposterism in joining POTC
  • The difference between Jill’s book, Impostor No More, and other professional success books
  • How imposter thoughts might be trying to help or protect you 
  • Who is most at risk of imposter thoughts?
  • How do imposter thoughts affect men and women differently?
  • Why the term imposter syndrome is no longer used 
  • Imposterisms opposite – The Dunning-Kruger effect
  • How to know when to listen to imposter thoughts versus when to shift your attention away
  • What is experiential avoidance, and how does it contribute to problems caused by imposter thoughts?
  • How to combat imposterism with the Four P’s
  • How Jill overcame the fear of giving a TED Talk by asking herself,  ‘what would Oprah do?’


About Jill Stoddard

Jill Stoddard is passionate about sharing science-backed ideas from psychology to help people thrive. She is a psychologist, writer, TEDx speaker, award-winning teacher, peer-reviewed ACT trainer, and co-host of the popular Psychologists Off the Clock podcast. Dr. Stoddard is the author of three books: The Big Book of ACT Metaphors: A Practitioner’s Guide to Experiential Exercises and Metaphors in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy; Be Mighty: A Woman’s Guide to Liberation from Anxiety, Worry, and Stress Using Mindfulness and; and Imposter No More: Overcome Self-doubt and Imposterism to Cultivate a Successful Career. Her writing has also appeared in Psychology Today, Scary Mommy, Thrive Global, The Good Men Project, and Mindful Return. She regularly appears on podcasts and as an expert source for various media outlets. She lives in Newburyport, MA with her husband, two kids, and disobedient French Bulldog.  

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Episode 321