308. Identifying and Surviving Gaslighting with Robin Stern

Are you familiar with the term “gaslighting”? It’s been a popular topic for discussion in recent days, but how many of us actually understand its true meaning and, perhaps more importantly, how to identify it? 

Join us for this thought-provoking interview with Psychoanalyst and co-founder of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, Dr. Robin Stern, who gives us a fresh and detailed perspective on the subject. Shedding light on decades of research and heaps of knowledge as the author of The Gaslight Effect and The Gaslight Effect Recovery Guide, Dr. Stern offers guidance on how to recognize the different stages of the gaslight effect, indicating who is most susceptible and offering strategies to escape from it. 

Don’t tole­rate emotional abuse in silence any longer; tune in to learn how to spot the signs of gaslighting while moving forward toward a brighter future filled with kindness and respect—which you deserve!

Listen and Learn: 

  • The fascinating origin of the term gaslighting 
  • Robin’s definition of gaslighting from her book
  • Can gaslighting happen in both romantic and interpersonal relationships? 
  • Is gaslighting socially learned? 
  • The correlation between gaslighting and narcissism 
  • The three stages of gaslighting and how to identify them 
  • Are there certain traits that make someone more vulnerable to becoming a victim of gaslighting?
  • How do you determine whether you should leave a relationship with a gaslighter?
  • The type of person who would benefit from Robin’s workbook, The Gaslight Effect Recovery Guide


About Robin Stern 

Dr. Robin Stern is the co-founder and senior advisor to the director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and has 30 years of experience as a licensed psychoanalyst. She is the author of The Gaslight Effect: How to Spot and Survive the Hidden Manipulation Others Use to Control Your Life and The Gaslight Effect Recovery Guide: Your Personal Journey Toward Healing from Emotional Abuse. She hosts the Gaslight Effect podcast.

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  • I’m just now reading “gaslight effect.” Quite interesting. One thing I notice though, is that the “gaslightee” seem to be, most always, referring to women. I am examining my own life and marriage, as a man. (I’m 65 years young, and my wife and I have 30 years together) I recognise a lot of the behaviors described here. I’m curious though. How common is this, that the man is being manipulated? (am i just going nuts?)

    • Thank you for commenting Richard! I think you make a good point, certainly men can be on the receiving end of gaslighting too! I don’t know any statistics on how common it is for men, but I know it happens….

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Episode 308