319. Autonomy-Supportive Parenting with the AMAZING Emily Edlynn

We all want to raise our children to be self-sufficient and to explore their own identities, but it can be difficult to strike a balance between control and support. For this episode, we enlisted the guidance of Clinical Psychologist Emily Edlynn, who, through her book ‘Autonomy-Supportive Parenting’, provides parental strategies that encourage your kids to have autonomy while also establishing boundaries. 

We love how Emily’s compassionate, very non-judgmental approach alleviates some of the responsibilities that parents take on. You’ll get so many helpful on-the-ground tools for instilling independence in your children and fostering motivation without imposing control. She also touches on questions about giving children allowances, navigating privacy, and how to reward your children in a positive way. Listen in to find out more about Emily’s powerful parenting framework!

Listen and Learn:

  • How Emily’s book stands out by translating evidence from parenting research into a digestible practical guide
  • The internal and external factors that might contribute to controlling parenting
  • Adopting autonomy-supportive parenting as a way to step away from controlling behavior without giving up the responsibility of engaging in parenting that helps shape your children in healthy ways?
  • Strategies for encouraging active participation in chores
  • Why academic achievement has become a real pitfall for controlling parenting
  • Are there advantages to giving your child an allowance? 
  • Navigating privacy from an autonomy-supportive parenting perspective when you might be concerned about your child’s safety


About Emily Edlynn

Emily Edlynn, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice with specialized training in pediatric health psychology. She’s the author of parenting blog The Art and Science of Mom, as well as the upcoming book Autonomy-Supportive Parenting: Reduce Parental Burnout and Raise Competent, Confident Children.

Dr. Edlynn has worked as a pediatric health psychologist in two large urban hospitals and was previously an assistant professor at University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine. She’s currently the Director of Pediatric Behavioral Medicine at a private practice in Oak Park, Illinois. Dr. Edlynn writes a parenting blog, The Art and Science of Mom, and has penned the advice column, Ask Your Mom, for Parents since 2019. Dr. Edlynn has been featured as a parenting expert across national outlets and is the author of Autonomy-Supportive Parenting: Reduce Parental Burnout and Raise Competent, Confident Children.

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Episode 319