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9. Children’s Emotions: Understanding and Responding to Your Child’s Feelings

Are You Unsure Of How To Respond To A Child Or Teenager’s Emotional Extremes? Do You React To Your Child Or Teenager’s Emotions In Ways That Are Not Helpful? Do You Want Tips For How To Foster Emotional Intelligence In Your Child? Being A Parent Can Be A Challenge, And We’re Here To Help!

In this episode, Debbie and Diana explore how children and teenagers are different from adults in terms of emotional development. We discuss some techniques, drawn from neuroscience and parenting research, that can help parents and caregivers respond to children’s emotions in ways that foster Emotional Intelligence. And we discuss ways to slow down in the moment and respond to children from a place of values and wisdom.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How children and teenagers differ from adults in terms of brain development and perspective.
  • How a basic understanding of child development can be helpful in parenting.
  • Parenting techniques that can promote Emotional Intelligence.
  • Ideas to help children understand and regulate their emotions.
  • Why validating normal emotions, while still setting limits on unhelpful behaviors, is important.
  • How parents and caregivers can stay true to their values, even in the heat of the moment.



Episode 9